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Our projects


Training of extension and teaching staff of Ain Shams University, Egypt 

We provided training in existing relatively low-tech netted tunnel greenhouses, a more high-tech pad-and-fan greenhouse and at two open field locations, one in Cairo and the other in the Fayoum.


Quick Scan - Possibilities

for Saline Agriculture in Cuba

Improve the insight into the salinity issues in Cuba and the potential solutions. Exploring the feasibility of conducting a pilot project, in order to implement the potential solutions. 


"DESalt", Farming and water management under degraded and saline conditions,

in Egypt

the project focusses on creating business cases for saline agriculture and build capacity for the further implementation of sustainable saline agricultural practices.


Training and capacity building

in Iraq

The Salt Doctors has been commissioned by Delphy to take part in a practical training, regarding potato cultivation under saline conditions, in the area of Basrah, Iraq.


Climate Smart Agriculture for a Resilient Coastal Bangladesh

In this project, we worked on several sub-projects where Bangladeshi partners perform experiments. Then get the results published in scientific journals and presented on international congresses.


Capacity building for saline agriculture

in the Mekong Delta Region, Vietnam

The Asian Development Bank has commissioned the Dutch consortium to develop a training program on saline agriculture.


Saline Agriculture in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

This training includes: promoting salt tolerant crops, optimizing brackish groundwater to use for irrigation and developing a strategy for saline agriculture in Mekong Delta.

Harvest 1.jpg

Salt adaptation for sustainable agricultural in Aswan, Egypt

This training will establish a more productive, sustainable and resilient agricultural system by improving skills and knowledge of Aswan University’s staff on Climate-Smart Agriculture and on saline agriculture


Climate smart saline farming and water management in Jordan

The project aimed at validating the crop performance under saline conditions, as well as the exploration for establishing a commercial center for excellence, expertise and exchange in Jordan.

3. hydroponics3.jpeg

New ways of growing the future,


This training program incorporates climate smart, saline, innovative and novel forms of screenhouse and greenhouse cultivation, the use of hydroponics, interactive training and development of soft-skills. 


Equipping future generations for agricultural sector development in Tunisia

This training included several aspects of saline agriculture, ranging from crop salt tolerance, 

to soil improving techniques and water management.

South Africa.png

Training TVET staff and students for optimizing water usage & climate smart agriculture in South Africa

The project combines the promotion of agriculture growth and sustainable & equitable water use.

South Africa.png
Application of Biochar.jpg

Putting Saline Agriculture into Practice, Bangladesh

For this project, previously identified salt tolerant varieties of potato, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and beetroot were introduced at farm level and farmers were trained and assisted during the season.

Chile orchard.png

Quick Scan Salinity in the Metropolitan and Valparaíso Regions, Chile

This report, financed by the Government of the Netherlands through the 'Partners for Water' programme, provides the results of a quick scan on the salinity and water situation in agriculture in Chile. 


Quick scan and study saline agriculture, Ayeyarwady delta in Myanmar

The goal of this project is to explore if introduction of salt tolerant crops and improved management practices is feasible and supportive to the development of sustainable climate-smart agriculture.


Saline farming assessment mission

in Morocco

The focus of this mission was to identify salt affected farms to help Moroccan farmers to become more resilient to increasing salinity levels under (fresh)water scarce conditions.


Strengthening education on climate smart and saline agriculture in Senegal

Our aim during this project was to improve yields during the dry season, using common annual crops and apply different treatments such as mulching and compost applications.


Introduction of saline agriculture

in Kenya

Training of the staff of Solidaridad East and Central Africa on salinity assessments and saline agriculture methodology, both theoretical as well as practical training in the field.


Sustainable agricultural development under saline conditions, Sudan

This training of the staff of the Khartoum University teaches them about saline and climate-smart agriculture, open field cultivation and agricultural entrepreneurship.

Saudi arabia.png

Quick scan salinity

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The project is part of the overall project of “Greening Saudi Arabia”. This first part was mostly a “quick scan” to determine the extent

of salinization in Saudi Arabia and the salt concentrations of the soils and water resources.

Saudi arabia.png

Realisatie wetenschappelijk onderzoeks-centrum verzilting in Franeker,

The Netherlands

Based on a field visit and the data collected, we performed an analysis and made a lay-out of a potential test field for saline agriculture.

SALAD -EU Horizon 2020-.png

SALAD, Saline AgricuLture for ADaptation.

Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Morocco and Egypt

The SALAD project (EU Horizon 2020) addresses the research area of food security aligning vision, research and practice among European and African countries focusing on saline agriculture upscaling.

SALAD -EU Horizon 2020.png
poplar trees morrocco.png

Water in agriculture in three Maghreb countries; Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

The composed report includes a literature study, combined with interviews with experts

and stakeholders, about the current situation of water use and water problems in agriculture as well as the challenges for improvement.

Overview Maghreb region.png
Egypt, Fayoum 22-03-2020.png

Training of extension and teaching staff of Heliopolis University on saline agriculture in Egypt

This training was about increasing the water use efficiency in agriculture, promoting agricultural growth and creating an ecologically sustainable food system. 

Egypt, Fayoum, 14-03-2020_edited.png
Sesbania, Egypt Fayoum.png

Revitalizing Egyptian soils:

less salt and more organic matter.

Fayoum University, Egypt

This training improved skills and knowledge of Fayoum University staff on Climate-Smart Agriculture, Saline Agriculture and composting.

Agro-forestry Sesbania, Egypt, Fayoum.png
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