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Who we are

The Salt Doctors is an independent social enterprise, based in the Netherlands. 

We specialize in creating and implementing resilient farming systems for salt-affected areas.


We often do this by understanding and adapting to the local conditions, developing cultivation strategies for improving crop yield under saline conditions, and putting the solutions into the hands of farmers at the same time.

We achieve this by research and consultancy, providing practical training in the field (Training-of-Trainers) and assisting with the implementation from sowing to harvesting.


We started over 20 years ago in The Netherlands, researching the salt tolerance of crops and the ecology of saline ecosystems. Now, we implement projects all over the world, with a focus on how to deal with salinity in a sustainable, cost-effective way.


Besides working on the implementation of saline agriculture, The Salt Doctors is also part of different expert groups like the FAO-WASAG workgroup on saline agriculture, the International Network of Salt-Affected Soils (FAO-INSAS), the EU Focus Group on Soil Salinization and we are a member of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA).


These activities focus on the exchange of knowledge and developing science-based solutions and guidelines on how to deal with salinity, in order to provide practical solutions for farmers and other stakeholders.

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