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Publications & Reports

Effects of Increasing Salinity by Drip Irrigation on Total Grain Weight Show High Yield Potential of Putative Salt-Tolerant Mutagenized Wheat Lines

H. Mousavi, B. Bruning, G. van Straten, A.R. Almås, J. Lethin, N. Naik, S. Hassan, O. Olsson, H. Aronsson (2022)

Estimating cultivar-specific salt tolerance model parameters from multi-annual field tests for identification of salt tolerant potato cultivars

G.van Straten, B.Bruning, Vos, A. Parra González, J. Rozema, P.M.van Bodegom (2021)

Achieving Multiple Sustainable Development Goals through Saline Agriculture

K. Negacz, B. Bruning, P. Vellinga (2021)

Future of Sustainable Agriculture in Saline Environments, chapter 2, 13-28

Putting Saline Agriculture into Practice

A.C. de Vos, A. Parra González, B. Bruning (2021)

Future of Sustainable Agriculture in Saline Environments, chapter 21, 333-341

Global Analysis of Differences in Plant Traits between Salt-Tolerant and Salt-Sensitive Plants

B. Bruning, W.K. Cornwell, J. Rozema (2021)

Future of Sustainable Agriculture in Saline Environments, chapter 25, 365-385

EIP-AGRI Focus Group Soil Salination

Final report (2020)

An improved methodology to evaluate crop salt tolerance from field trials

van Straten G, de Vos AC, Rozema J, Bruning B, van Bodegom PM (2019)

Agricultural Water Management 213, 375-387

Effects of increased seawater salinity irrigation on growth and quality of the edible halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. under field conditions

Atzori G, De Vos AC, van Rijsselberghe M, Vignolini P, Rozema J, Mancuso S, van Bodegom PM (2017)

Agricultural Water Management 187, 37-46


Crop salt tolerance under controlled field conditions in The Netherlands,

based on field trials conducted by Salt Farm Texel

De Vos AC, Bruning B, van Straten G, Oosterbaan R, Rozema J, van Bodegom P (2016)

Report 39 pages

Field tests of dielectric sensors in a facility for studying salt tolerant crops. 

Van Straten G, De Vos AC, Vlaming R, Oosterbaan R (2016)

International Agricultural Engineering Journal 25, 102-113

Growth and nitrogen fixation of legumes at increased salinity under field conditions: implications for the use of green manures in saline environments 

Bruning B, van Logtestijn R, Broekman R, De Vos AC, Parra Gonzalez A, Rozema J (2015) 

AOB plants, The Open Access journal for plant sciences, special issue: Physiology and ecology of halophytes-plants living in salt-rich environments, 1-8

Developing and testing new halophyte crops: a case study of salt tolerance of two species of the Brassicaceae, Diplotaxis tenuifolia and Cochlearia officinalis

De Vos AC, Broekman R, De Almeida Guerra C, Van Rijsselberghe M, Rozema J (2013)

Environmental and Experimental Botany 92, 154-164

New handbook for standardized measurement of plant functional traits worldwide 

Perez-Harguindeguy N, Diaz S, Garnier E, ....., De Vos AC ,........., (2013)

Australian Journal of Botany 61, 167-234

Sustainable exploitation of saline resources. Ecology, ecophysiology and cultivation of potential halophyte crops. 

De Vos AC (2011)

Thesis VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ecophysiological response of Crambe maritima to airborne and soil borne salinity

De Vos A, Broekman R, Groot M, Rozema J (2010)

Annals of Botany 105, 925-937

Symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes: perspectives for saline agriculture

B. Bruning, J. Rozema (2013)

Comparing salt tolerance of beet cultivars and their halophytic ancestor: consequences of domestication and breeding programmes

J. Rozema, D. Cornelisse, Y. Zhang, H. Li, B. Bruning, D. Katschnig, R. Broekman, B. Ji. P. van Bodegom (2014)

Different aspects of the salinity effect on crops in the irrigated area of Kalaat Landelous, Tunisia           

De Vos AC (2000)

Master internship at Institut National de Recherches en Genié Rural, Eaux et Forêt, Tunis, Tunisia

Pathogens, potato and salinity 

De Vos AC (2000)

Master thesis VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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