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Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for The Salt Doctors BV

Publication Date: 5 September 2023


The Salt Doctors BV recognizes the importance of gender equality in the workplace and is committed to creating an inclusive and equal environment for all our employees. This Gender Equality Plan (GEP) outlines the minimum measures we are implementing to promote gender equality, in accordance with relevant Dutch legislation.

1. Publication: Formal Announcement

This GEP will be formally announced on the website of the company and made available to all employees. It will be signed by Arjen de Vos, founder and director of The Salt Doctors BV, to emphasize the commitment to gender equality.

2. Dedicated Resources: Assignment of Responsibilities

Arjen de Vos is designated as the person responsible for implementing the GEP. This individual will coordinate gender equality efforts within the company.

3. Data Collection and Monitoring: Sex/Gender Disaggregated Data

Annually, we will collect anonymized sex/gender disaggregated data related to our workforce. This data will be used for internal monitoring and reporting.

4. Training: Awareness and Training

All employees can participate in an annual awareness and training session on gender equality and avoiding gender-related biases in the workplace.

Measures per Area:

a. Recruitment and Career Progression

  • We will review recruitment procedures to be gender-neutral.

  • We will distribute opportunities for professional development equally.

b. Work-Life Balance and Organizational Culture

  • We will consider flexible working hours to support work-life balance.

  • We will promote a culture of respect and inclusion.

c. Gender Balance in Leadership

  • We will strive for balanced representation in leadership roles.

d. Integration of Gender Dimension into Research and Teaching

  • We will integrate gender considerations into relevant business processes.

e. Gender-Based Violence

  • We will establish and communicate a clear policy against gender-based violence and harassment.



Annual Evaluation and Adjustment

This GEP will be evaluated annually and adjusted, if necessary, to continue meeting the needs and obligations related to gender equality.


Signed by,

Arjen de Vos

Director and founder, The Salt Doctors BV

Date: 5 September 2023

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