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Assessment realisation research center saline agriculture


Franeker, The Netherlands


NA, Academie van Franeker


October 2021-january 2022

Project description:

Historically, Franeker was the first city to have a university in The Netherlands. This day there is no university there anymore, however, there are ambitions to once again become a center for research and education, and the developments are already well underway.

One of their goals to create a facility on heavy clay to conduct experiments under saline conditions, mainly focusing on potatoes.


Because of our experience designing and implementing such test fields, we are honored that they have asked The Salt Doctors to do an initial analysis on the local situation, and to design a draft for such an experimental set up, with all the technologies necessary.



Based on our study and soil analyses, there is a potential to make a field site for researching the effects of salinity on a light clay soil. 

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