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Climate Smart Agriculture for a Resilient Coastal Bangladesh


Coastal Bangladesh


The Salt Doctors, Wageningen University & Research (lead), Acacia Water,

CYMMIT, Patuakhali Science and Technology University



July 2019 – December 2021 (extended due to COVID; still running)


Project description:

The main objective of the proposal is to establish a new centre of excellence

in post graduate research for climate smart agriculture (CSA) in coastal Bangladesh.


The project will develop a clear post-graduate research and teaching strategy for the centre along the three key pillars of CSA: 

1) resilience to climate variability and change, 

2) reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and 

3) increased productivity and profitability of agricultural systems.




Finally, the project will develop a range of demonstration, training and strategic agricultural innovation activities to disseminate CSA knowledge and technologies to coastal communities.



In this project, we work closely together with Acacia Water on several sub-projects

where Bangladeshi partners perform experiments, both in the lab and the field,

and we support the researchers in developing improved research questions, research

methods and methods for statistical analyses of their results.


The next step will be to get the results published in scientific journals and presented

on international congresses, and this has already happened with great success.

Since this project involves various practical (field)experiments, we plan to travel to

Bangladesh soon to organize a farmer field day, where all partners plus local press

will be invited to train and educate people on the benefits of salt-adapted agriculture.


The project will train key staff, to advance research capacity in CSA and improve the link between university education and the private sector.

The envisaged research strategy and pilot research will focus on helping vulnerable groups, improving gender equality, and developing interdisciplinary research skills.

The teaching strategy will particularly focus on preparing students for the future labour market and involving the youth of Bangladesh in developing an agricultural sector in Bangladesh which is more resilient to climate change and provides improved income and labour perspectives.

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