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Strengthening skills of TVET staff and students for optimizing
water usage & climate smart agriculture in South Africa


South Africa


The Salt Doctors, Q-Point, CINOP, Graafschap, Maastricht School of Management (lead), Acacia Water, Profita



March 2020 - extended due to COVID; still running


Project description:

In South Africa we have a project that aims at improving the curriculum of six TVETs.

Maastricht School of Management is in the lead, and we closely cooperate with Acacia Water in this project.

The project combines the promotion of agriculture growth and sustainable & equitable water use.

It will concentrate on the educating young people in the field of optimizing water usage & climate smart agriculture.


The consortium bases its proposed project on the fundamental notion that for improving the skills and employability of TVET graduates, the TVET programs must be based on the needs in the agriculture and water labour market.

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and the Skills Education Training Authorities (SETA)are crucial stakeholders in this process. They support it and see the project as a unique opportunity to develop a new national occupational qualification, with different modules and curricula, that speaks to both agriculture and water students. 



Due to the pandemic, we have not yet been able to visit the country and the different TVETs unfortunately. However, we have been working to incorporate knowledge on how to recognize and deal with salinity problems both in soil and crop, and hopefully in this way we have contributed a little to educate the future generation of farmers about how to deal with current salinity issues that are predicted to get worse in the future.

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