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Capacity building for saline agriculture in the Mekong Delta Region




Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP; lead partner), Eurofins, Royal Eijkelkamp, Witteveen and Bos, Wageningen University and Research, Fresh Studio, Skill-Ed, The Salt Doctors. Commissioned by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)


July-December 2022

Project description:

The Asian Development Bank has commissioned the Dutch consortium to develop a training program on saline agriculture.

The program offers various stakeholders insight in the problem and, most important, operational guidelines how to deal with this topic in the future.


The private sector is supposed to be an important driver to change.

However, without collaboration with the public sector water related issues are hard to solve.

The training program will create a setting that generates intense interaction between private and public partners.

The ambition is to contribute to establishing partnerships, in particular to support private sector development in Vietnam.


The Masterclass Programme on Saline Agriculture intends to improve farming practices to tackle salinization, by promoting soil and water related measures and other effective solutions.

A broad approach will be presented to prevent, to mitigate and/or adapt to the effects of salinization.

The diversity of farming systems in the Mekong Delta will be taken into consideration.


What can be done at farm level? What kind of solutions need action at catchment level, including various stakeholders to make transition successful in terms of water management?


Within the framework of the training program resilience to salinity and limited availability of fresh water is focus.

This implies attention to all kinds of important interventions such as soil health, tolerance of crops, freshwater harvesting, drainage, monitoring water quality and freshwater lenses, and smarter irrigation.

The program will include business related aspects of coping strategies.



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