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Equipping future generations for agricultural sector development in Tunisia


Bouchérik, Tunisia


Delphy (lead), The Salt Doctors, ICRA, Lycée sectorial de Formation Professionelle Agricole

en agrumiculture et viticulture (LSFPAV) de Bouchérik. This project is part of the Orange

Knowledge Programme which is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and

managed by Nuffic.


















The overall training programme was composed of seven training modules.

The Salt Doctors focused on several aspects of saline agriculture, ranging

from crop salt tolerance, to soil improving techniques and water management.


Salinity assessments were performed in the field at several locations, and a

detailed soil analysis was discussed with the particpants.


Based on the results, a field trial was set up, with a focus on several varieties

of cauliflower planted under saline conditions at the location of the TVET.


This field trial was used to train practical skills. Although the cauliflower was

planted in the off season, some of the varieties show potential for cultivation

during this off season, also improving market opportunities for farmers.


Project description:

The project focused on strengthening the capacities and skills of the TVET teachers to improve the employability of the graduates in the agricultural sector in Tunisia.


At the start, teachers lacked knowledge and expertise on innovative and novel forms of agriculture such as climate smart and saline agriculture.

Moreover, teachers lacked interactive teaching techniques and were not able to teach soft and entrepreneurial skills to students.


To bridge this educational gap, teachers were trained both on content (climate smart and saline agriculture) and on knowledge transfer.

The content included water efficiency, soil fertility and sustainable innovations in horticulture.

Training on knowledge transfer and capacity building included interactive techniques, blended learning (theory and practice & on-site and online), entrepreneurship and coaching.

To enable practical training a demonstration field and demonstration greenhouse was established, not only for students or teachers from our institute, but also for trainers of neighboring institutes.

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