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Our projects in Egypt


Training of extension and teaching staff of Ain Shams University, Egypt 

We provided training in existing relatively low-tech netted tunnel greenhouses, a more high-tech pad-and-fan greenhouse and at two open field locations, one in Cairo and the other in the Fayoum.


"DESalt", Farming and water management under degraded and saline conditions,

in Egypt

the project focusses on creating business cases for saline agriculture and build capacity for the further implementation of sustainable saline agricultural practices.


Salt adaptation for sustainable agricultural in Aswan, Egypt

This training will establish a more productive, sustainable and resilient agricultural system by improving skills and knowledge of Aswan University’s staff on Climate-Smart Agriculture and on saline agriculture

Egypt, Fayoum 22-03-2020.png

Training of extension and teaching staff of Heliopolis University on saline agriculture in Egypt

This training was about increasing the water use efficiency in agriculture, promoting agricultural growth and creating an ecologically sustainable food system. 

Egypt, Fayoum, 14-03-2020_edited.png
Sesbania, Egypt Fayoum.png

Revitalizing Egyptian soils:

less salt and more organic matter.

Fayoum University, Egypt

This training improved skills and knowledge of Fayoum University staff on Climate-Smart Agriculture, Saline Agriculture and composting.

Agro-forestry Sesbania, Egypt, Fayoum.png
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