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Saline Agriculture The Salt Doctors

Creating opportunities for salt-affected farmland

We help to improve crop yield under saline conditions

and bring solutions into the hands of farmers

Saline Agriculture Bangladesh, The Salt Doctors

The Salt Doctors specialize in creating and implementing resilient farming systems

for salt-affected areas. 

We achieve this by research and consultancy, providing practical training in the field

and assisting with the implementation from sowing to harvesting. 

Salinity levels are increasing all over the world. As a result, yields are decreasing and the livelihood of millions of farmers and global food security is under pressure already.

The Salt Doctors often act as an implementation partner to realize climate resilient agriculture and help farmers to adapt to the ever-increasing salinity levels.

We focus on an integrated approach that provides practical guidelines, training 

and demonstration in the field on how to deal with salinity and improve the crop yields

in a sustainable way.


Key Focus:

  • Salinity assessments and mapping of opportunities

  • Research, training (of trainers) and capacity building

  • Developing, demonstrating and implementing scalable solutions under saline conditions

Why Saline Agriculture?

Up to 833 million hectares are salt affected globally and this often leads to reduced crop yields.

Saline agriculture makes use of salt tolerant crops to improve yields under saline conditions.

Helping farmers to adapt to the ever-increasing salinity levels

can have a major impact on the food security and livelihoods of 1.5 billion people!


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Our projects

Salinity assessment:

Saline farming assessment mission

in Morocco

Identifying salt affected farms that are suitable for future demonstration activities and identify local partners who are willing to be part of future activities to help Moroccan farmers to become more resilient to increasing salinity levels under (fresh)water scarce conditions.

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Training and capacity building:

Training potato cultivation under saline conditions in Iraq

The Salt Doctors performed a practical training, regarding potato cultivation under saline conditions, for the staff of Basrah University in Iraq.During classroom training sessions different aspects of crop salt tolerance and soil and water management were covered as well.

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Scalable solutions:

Developing scalable solutions

in Egypt

The project focusses on creating business cases for saline agriculture and build capacity for the further implementation of sustainable saline agricultural practices. Creating business cases is important to show farmers that saline agriculture is possible and profitable. 

Saline Agriculture Egypt Developing scalable solutions, The Salt Doctors

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Latest news

Turkana county, Kenya, The Salt Doctors

October 2023

With the support of the Saline Water & Food Systems Partnership (SW&SF) of the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) and NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership), a three-day workshop took place in Turkana County, Kenya. The workshop resolved around challenges and opportunities of using saline resources in Turkana County, Kenia. It brought together various stakeholders from (local) government, NGOs, United Nations organisations, knowledge institutes, and the private sector.

The workshop was implemented by Seawater Solutions and The The Salt Doctors, in close collaboration with the World Food Programme, FAO, and the Turkana County Government.

Read more about the
conference and download the conference report.


July 2023

Nice to see this article on our work in Cuba! Last year, we visited Cuba twice and we are ready to start with the implementation phase that will hopefully start soon!
Thank you Erik Plaisier and Yuhina Mangly López of the Dutch Embassy for supporting us with all the steps and grateful for the collaboration with FAO in Cuba as well as the Ministry of Agriculture!

Vietnam Mekong Delta The Salt Doctors.jpg

October 2023 

This week we have been in Vietnam for the official launch of the Mekong Salt Lab. The project will implement sustainable and transversal solutions in the Mekong Delta, where salinity is a major issue for thousands of farmers in the region. 
For it, The Salt DoctorsThe Water AgencySaxion University of Applied SciencesSkillEdKim Delta VietnamHZ University of Applied Sciences and Acacia Water are joining forces with Tra Vinh University to establish different demo locations and training programs on salinity adaptation. 

Texel Groentehelden The Salt Doctors.jpg

June 2023

Visiting the field on the island of Texel again. Here, Jan Bakker is facilitating a commercial field trial on the selection of salt tolerant potatoes. Nice differences between the salinity treatments and some varieties are looking very promising! Monitoring of salinity levels is done with suction cups so frequent sampling of soil pore water can be done. Also, hashtag#groenteheldentexel are cultivating various halophyte crops for the market as well. Keep up the good work, still one of the best locations for saline agriculture in the Netherlands!

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