the cure for salinity in agriculture

We improve crop yield

under saline conditions



is the solution

Millions of farmers are faced with increasing salinity levels and reducing crop yields.

This often leads to reduced food security, poverty and even migration.

By adapting to salinity, crop yields can be increased and the livelihoods of farmers and their families can be improved.



The Salt Doctors have developed a practical approach to get results in the field.


We can diagnose the salinity conditions in the field, develop tailor-made adaptive farming systems, set up demo trials, provide seeds of salt tolerant crops and help with training and capacity building and much more. We focus on crops that most farmers know, like potato, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage and beet.


So if you have salinity issues, The Salt Doctors can provide the cure! 



Providing salt tolerant seeds

Training & assistance

(in the field)

Capacity building & research

Develop adaptation strategies




The Salt Doctors is a social enterprise that combines the expertise of different professionals to develop tailor-made solutions.

The Salt Doctors,

founded by Dr. Arjen de Vos, 

is a social enterprise that combines the expertise of different professionals to develop tailor-made solutions.


Based on many years of applied research and various projects in the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt and Kenya, we have the knowledge and the know-how to make saline agriculture work in the field.

To make a difference we want to co-operate. Together we can work on upscaling and contribute to global food security.

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